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The services that we provide to our emergency first responders are at no cost to the individual who may be in need of assistance.  Our goal is to provide care and comfort, to serve, those who serve and protect us on a daily basis.

In our continued efforts, we humbly ask that you assist us by making a donation to our project.  Any amount is truly appreciated and needed.  

All donations, proceeds, go directly to the West Texas Behind the Badge Wellness & Training Project.  Our services include Mental, Physical, and Emotional Wellness programs designed to provide our heroes with an outlet, a voice, a means of expression.

Our project is aligned with several outside organizations who have come together to from an alliance of stakeholders with one sole purpose - The Mental, Physical, and Emotional Wellness of our officers.  

We thank you for your support!  With your help, many of our officers will have an outlet, a pathway of assistance.  

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